Accessories for setting up your workshop

Are you looking for a supplier of accessories for tire specialists to set up your workshop or do you need a new professional tire changer?

Contact Bike-Lift Europe. The company sells accessories for the setting up of motorcycle workshops, among which various models of tire changers, balancers, presses, and engine supports stand out.

All the items offered are 100% Made in Italy and are made with extreme attention to detail.

Would you like to know the price of an electronic balancer? Do you need to buy an engine support for your workshop? Do you need a hydraulic press? Contact Bike-Lift Europe to request a free quote.


Tire changers

The specific tire changer for motorcycles allows the tire dealer to easily remove the tires, and then reassemble them later, after a check, a balancing or a tire change. This machine simplifies procedures and optimizes working times.

Engine support

We have an engine support that can guarantee a secure seal during repair. Only thanks to innovation and research, we are able to offer a safe and effective product on any type of engine, including maxi scooters.

Hydraulic press

The manual hydraulic press is a useful tool in workshops, as it allows you to remove and install metal mechanisms and supports, remove or install bushings, bearings, joints and pulleys with precision and safety.


The balancers we supply are able to combine optimal performance in terms of balancing, extreme robustness and ease of use. Our models are supplied with a complete accessories kit for immediate installation.

Discover all our accessories!

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