Bike Lift Europe srl

Bike-Lift Europe Srl, with registered office in Parma and operational headquarters in Sanguinaro di Fontanellato (PR), is a new company that has acquired the historic Bike-Lift brand, leader in the production of equipment and accessories for motorcycles and motorcycle workshop set-up. The brand is appreciated all over the world by the main motorcycle manufacturers and by all international customers, thanks to its thirty years of experience, constant innovation, attention to detail and after-sales assistance. These are the strengths that allow Bike-Lift Europe to supply products, such as electric lifts and stands, appreciated internationally for their quality, functionality and design.

Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years, Bike-Lift Europe has established itself on the market, offering the widest range of modular furniture and professional equipment, ideal products to support the daily work of a motorcycle workshop. This result pushes the company to continuous innovation, to anticipate new trends and to always ensure efficiency, safety and quality.

From 2019 Bike Lift Europe enters the E-Bike sector with innovative and specific products of this enormously expanding sector.

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Our Philosophy

“We’re gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that than make “me too” products. Let some other companies do that. For us, it’s always the next dream.”

Steve Jobs


Let them copy, they will always come after us.

Specific professional equipment and custom-made furniture

Our team of young and dynamic enthusiasts can meet the needs of all customers: from the professional mechanic to the private individual who has to lift his motorcycle with our stands during the winter. Thanks to it, we can support customers in the design and set-up of their workshop, offering a dedicated “Workshop Development” service: starting with a simple layout and after a careful inspection of the premises, we can equip the motorcycle workshop according to the needs of each customer.

However, our offer does not only include motorcycle lifts and stands, but also all specific professional equipment to work in the workshop. The set-up, therefore, includes both the professional equipment necessary for daily work, and all the furniture proposed by the Modoflex® line: modular furniture, produced within our company, designed to best meet the customer’s needs and to adapt to the space available. Based on the customer’s requests, the project can include systems for the distribution of oil, air or for the extraction of exhaust gases.

In our catalogue there is also a range of products for the “Tire Department”: tire changers, balancers and everything needed for the tire check and replacement service.

Experience, innovation and quality

Bike-Lift Europe is a mix of:

  • Experience: thirty years that allowed our company to acquire a deep knowledge of the motorcycle sector
  • Innovation: given by our passioned staff, fan of the two-wheels world and in direct contact with our customers, that can always predict the needs of the market, anticipating them with cutting edge products.
  • Quality: Made in Italy products. A guarantee of production and research of the best materials to give our customers a valid product that lasts over time.

Furthermore, the collaboration with Team Gresini, with Team SIC58 Squadra Corse and with other important Teams, allows us to guarantee continuous innovation and an offer of high-tech and quality products developed and tested in the Racing world and therefore made available to all in the Amateur Motorcycle World.

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