Perfect wall cabinets for your workshop

The wall cabinet we manufacture is the ideal module to optimize the available spaces in the creation of a professional motorcycle workshop. It creates a space for specific tools or equipment and, being always combined with the tool holding wall panel, it allows you to use the vertical space, as well as harmonizing the structure of the workstation.

The purchase of the right modular furniture, therefore, must be done according to the services that you want to guarantee: the provision of a rendering with which the customer can see how his customized workshop will look like before deciding is essential to identify the various components to use.

A wall cabinet integrates the furniture for the workshop by providing the possibility of using magnetic LED lamps to illuminate the worktops.

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A functional optimization of the available spaces

The wall cabinet not only offers the advantage of allowing optimal use of space, it also allows you to store tools and other necessary instruments in an orderly manner and at hand. Since the wall cabinet has a depth of 30cm, the stored items are easy to reach.

Our company produces wall cabinets with hinged doors and gas pistons that are easy to operate. Our solutions offer everything you need for an orderly and functional optimization of spaces.

We offer products with attention to every detail and the aim of always guaranteeing items of the highest quality and exceptional quality-price ratio.

Wide range of solutions

Modular workshop furniture offers the possibility of creating a modern work environment, modelled and customized to your spaces and your needs.

By contacting us, you can choose from a wide range of solutions all sharing high quality standards and designed with the aim of making the most of your time by optimizing your work.

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