Tool set for drawer units

To carry out the repairs in a workmanlike manner, optimizing time and costs, each workshop must have and above all use the right equipment. For this reason, Bike-Lift Europe offer all professionals in the sector only the best supplies.

Specialized in the design of modular furniture for motorcycle workshops, the company also offers a selection of the most used tools in repairs, such as screwdrivers and keys, contained in practical molded foam plateaus to be inserted inside our drawer units.

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Reliable and quality tools

Getting the proper equipment is the first step to qualify as true professionals. The workshops world has changed a lot in recent years and the classic equipment of the mechanics of the past is no longer enough. More and more often, new generation tools and instruments can be found in workshops.
The tools must be reliable, accurate and of quality, since using only high-level equipment has obvious advantages:

  • Tools last longer: quality tools undergo nitriding and surface carburizing treatments, which make them hard and resistant. This means that they will wear less and will have to be replaced at longer intervals, with savings over time;
  • They are reliable: quality tools work well, do not bend, do not break and above all do not damage the motorcycles
  • They are designed for that specific job: some mechanical maintenance operations are decidedly specialized and in addition to a very high level of manual skill, they require special procedures. Motorcycle tools are designed to carry out servicing operations and facilitate the mechanic’s work, becoming indispensable tools for professionals.

If you want to set up a professional workshop, you can’t give up on these tools.
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