Professional tire changer for your workshop

The tire changer is an essential piece of equipment in a car or motorcycle workshop, as it allows the tire dealer to easily remove the tires, and then reassemble them later, after a check, a balancing or a tire change.

This machine simplifies procedures and optimizes working times, all to the advantage of productivity. It is an instrument based on the operation of a lever that is electrically activated by a pedal, and through a circular action conducted by a cylindrical element the tire and rim are separated. This concerns the disassembly operation, while to reassemble the two components a pressure is exerted which leads the tire back into the rim.

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An important tool in your workshop

Being able to carry out servicing activities on the tires certainly creates greater possibilities to increase the customer base of a motorcycle workshop.

Both the semi-automatic and the automatic versions cover all the tire diameters and, therefore, can perform services quickly, safely, and effectively. There are also completely manual versions for use on competition fields (motocross/Supermotard).

In any case, the tire changer is a tool that should never be missing in a workshop.

Personalized solutions

Whether it is an electronic wheel balancer, a tire changer or, more generally, workshop equipment, our company offers professionals in the sector high quality solutions relevant to the specific needs of the customer.
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