Workshop press

The manual hydraulic workshop press is a useful tool in workshops as it allows you to remove and install metal mechanisms and supports or remove or install bushings, bearings, joints and pulleys. Without the help of this equipment, it would be almost impossible to carry out these jobs with precision and safety. The workshop press we sell is solid and effective, like all our work equipment and is an important help for the motorcycle mechanic. The press is equipped with an Italian-made hydraulic pump.

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Appropriate safety systems

The models of manual hydraulic presses on the market today have special safety systems that allow to minimize risks and avoid any kind of accident. The mere presence of these safety systems, however, is not enough to guarantee that no type of accident will ever happen, also because accidents connected to these machines are often caused by human error or carelessness.

Obviously, the first advice to follow is precisely to pay the greatest possible attention to the work you are doing, but it is also important to dress appropriately for this activity.

Ease of use

Our workshop press is accompanied by an exhaustive user manual where assembly and operation are explained very clearly, especially as regards the double action hydraulic pump. There is no lack of all the safety rules for the operator. Our hydraulic workshop press is a product entirely built in Italy.