Parts washer for motorcycle workshop

The cleaning of the mechanical parts represents a big problem for the workshops as the dirt and the sedimented grease and the dust mix, forming a firm deposit that is very difficult to remove. Moreover, some components are delicate and the use of too aggressive detergents or solvents could end up damaging them.

A traditional machine has a modest operating pressure, in order to reduce splashes in the workshop. Our stainless steel cabin machine solves the problem and provides the possibility to use both a high pressure and a low-pressure jet. In this way the deep cleaning of the pieces is guaranteed.

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We satisfy any washing need

Thanks to our cabin parts washer, cleaning your tools has never been so fast and effective. All of our solutions meet the equipment washing needs of any sector.
By using non-foaming liquid and thanks to the two selections of high or low pressure, any type of residue or dirt will be removed from the pieces.

We provide the most appropriate solution to your washing problems

Our company offers for sale a selection of machines for cleaning mechanical tools designed to meet the needs of all our customers.
Boasting a consolidated national and international experience in the sector, we offer machines capable of providing any workshop with the most appropriate solution to their problems.
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