Professional motorcycle lifting stands

Motorcycle lifting stands are essentially solid metal supports whose function is to support and maintain the motorcycles in a perpendicular position to the support surface and with the wheels off the ground. This is the case, for example, of racing and street bikes belonging to certain segments such as naked, supersport, enduro, motocross, trial, etc.

The term “lifting” indicates another important function for this type of supports, namely that of allowing the lifting and therefore the detachment from the ground of one or both wheels of the vehicle. Thanks to this the user, be it a professional mechanic, or a private individual who wants to carry put personally all maintenance activities on his motorcycle, can disassemble some important components in total autonomy that it would otherwise not be possible to remove, or preserve the tires during the long winter break.

Whether it’s a central stand, for the rear or front wheel, a custom or universal stand, please contact us for the supply of your stands! Active in this sector for years, we deal with the production and sale of professional lifting stands.

Different types of stands

In our range there are different types of lift stands: each of them has very specific characteristics.

Cross/enduro lifting stand: suitable for enduro, cross and supermoto bikes, it supports the vehicle from under the engine/frame and lifts it through a lever system operated by a special lever.

Front lifting stand: it allows you to lift the front wheel (or the front end) of the motorcycle and can be placed either under the fork or under the steering-column. Unlike the first model, the latter is generally adjustable in height. Both are supplied with accessories that make them adaptable to any type of street bike.

Rear lifting stand: it raises the rear wheel of the motorcycle from the ground and is available in two main variants: for single-sided swingarms and for standard double swingarms. For the second type, two further distinctions should be made: stands with fork-shaped adapter, which can be used by fitting the dedicated bobbins in the swingarm, or stands with universal adapter. They are generally both adjustable in width.

Central lifting stand: it allows you to lift the front, rear (or both) with the aid of an adapter that is positioned on the sides of the engine or in some cases through the motorcycle frame.

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The lifting stands are also useful for keeping the geometric characteristics of the tires unchanged over time. In fact, during long periods of standstill, under the constant action of the vehicle’s weight, tires tend to deform. The lift stands allow you to safeguard the structure of the tires and, therefore, to make them last longer.
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