Workshop engine support

The products offered by Bike-Lift Europe besides being of high quality, are easy to use and suitable for the conditions of intensive use.

Among our equipment, the workshop engine support stands out, providing ideal aid for interventions on engines or gearboxes. Thanks to the various adjustment and support possibilities, this professional support is highly versatile, safe, and adaptable to all engines.

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Fast and professional after-sales assistance

In addition to building and marketing high-level equipment, we have combined the commercial sector with an assistance service that can quickly and efficiently meet customer requests, both nationally and internationally.

Our technical staff, as well as satisfying after-sales assistance requests quickly and professionally, can advise the customer on which products are most suitable for his needs.

High quality solutions at competitive prices

With our experience and expertise, for over 30 years, we have set ourselves as a reference point for motorcycle workshops.

Pre and post-sales consultancy on modular equipment and furnishings allow us to provide a highly professional service and to offer high quality solutions at competitive prices.

We are always at the customer’s complete disposal for any information and for a detailed quote: call now or fill out the contact form, we will be happy to reply as soon as possible.