Customized workshop set-ups

The set-up of a motorcycle workshop must be well designed, that is, organized according to a rational order that increases the productivity of those who work. It must also comply with the safety regulations and technical standards imposed by the motorcycle manufacturers: only approved products.

Finally, the workshops setups must be beautiful and of quality, to create a comfortable work environment: Bike-Lift Europe takes care of the finishes of its products down to the smallest detail, with the typical Made in Italy touch .

The company, active nationally and internationally, carries out the design and customized production of professional equipment and modular furniture for workshops and offers both standard products and compositions that can be modified according to the specific needs of the customer.

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We take care of the smallest details

Since standardized set-ups do not meet the needs of each single workshop, our modular furniture is designed to adapt to different work areas: the first phase of the design process of a workshop set-up is always the study of the customer’s objectives.

Especially in the case of high-end workshops, moreover, the design makes the difference: a set-up with a modern design, refined in the slightest details and consistent with the brand’s identity, makes a far better impression to the customer’s mind. For this reason, it is always good to focus on an aesthetically refined set-up, and not just a functional and practical one.

All the solutions we propose are treated in detail, made with high quality materials and rich in features aimed at optimizing their functionality.

Reliability, longevity and functionality

Thanks to our set-ups, every workshop will have the best conditions to work efficiently. Our designers will be happy to make their expertise available to the customer to meet the most demanding requests. In this way, each set-up will adapt perfectly to the work sequences of a workshop.

With drawer units, work benches and cabinets we offer an extraordinary modular set-up that can be fully configured in accordance with every need. Reliability, longevity and functionality are the characteristics that distinguish our products and allow them to last for a long time.

The workshop set-up we propose makes the appearance of your workshop uniform. Consistent design with uniform system size offers versatile configuration and design options.

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