A perfect arrangement of spaces

As much as car workshops, motorcycle workshops also need a perfect arrangement of spaces to considerably improve the quality of work.

Not only that: a careful spatial study, the precise location of equipment, tools and furniture, the design of open spaces are fundamental requirements also to speed up operations, make them more fluid and easier to perform.

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We satisfy every particular need

Our work benches and modules are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. The solutions we propose are characterized by great robustness and versatility and can be easily transformed into multifunctional workstations with the addition of equipped wall panels and other accessories. The Modoflex line has many variants and can satisfy every need.

Setting up a new workshop or modernizing it is an important decision, but often decisive for the future of a business. Quality and design furniture allows you to keep your workshop tidy in an intelligent way. Furthermore, it represents a solid basis for the creation of a professional visual identity. aimed at qualifying the workshop and building customer loyalty.

Available in various models and compositions, our work benches integrate perfectly into any type of environment: our ability to adapt the furniture with the workshop floor plan creates a customized ad-hoc product for the customer.

For the production of the Modoflex line we use only the best materials, with excellent qualities in terms of resistance and performance: this guarantees a long life of the product. You can customize the project according to your tastes and needs, choosing from a wide range of finishes and colors.

We always find the right combination of functionality and aesthetics

Thanks to the wide choice of modules and combinations, the benches and work modules we make allow you to organize each workplace in an orderly manner, optimizing and saving space. Work bench tabletops, , drawer units and cabinets can be combined and aggregated with equipped walls and wall cabinets to create optimal working conditions. All this, of course, is combined with the most recent studies on ergonomics also applied to work environments such as workshops, where the use of space is essential.

Active in this sector for years, we can offer a wide range of catalogue and custom-made work benches, to meet every request. Our designers are able to create any type of modular furniture always finding the right combination between functionality and aesthetics.

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