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Since workshop equipment is a fundamental tool for carrying out the work, it must be subjected to ordinary and scheduled maintenance.

In this regard, our company offers a professional and specialized assistance service which includes the review and maintenance of workshop equipment, with periodic or expiry checks, to prevent failures that can cause equipment malfunction and consequently put the operator’s safety at risk.

Our assistance service also includes the supply of spare parts for any modular equipment or furniture of our brand.
Are you looking for a company that provides assistance on equipment and lifts for motorcycles? Do you need to buy a spare part for your lift?

For these needs do not hesitate to contact us. Specialized in setting up motorcycle and e-bike workshops, we follow the customer from initial design to after-sales assistance, taking care of the professional maintenance of the equipment provided.

Keep your equipment in perfect working order!

Large or small, a workshop to carry out its business cannot fail to have a lift. Being a fundamental tool, keeping it in perfect working order is therefore essential and contacting specialized technicians for its maintenance is an option to be taken seriously.

Our technicians, in addition to checking the proper functioning of the lift, the performance of the electrical and hydraulic parts, also check the correct functioning of the safety devices. At the end of the work, a calibration certificate is issued indicating the checks performed and the next expiry date.

Effective and punctual service

Our company aims to offer an increasingly effective and punctual assistance service to all its customers. All the equipment we supply is a fundamental tool for workshops, and good maintenance guarantees a longer life. That’s why scheduling periodic maintenance of the equipment you own is absolutely essential.

Rely on our assistance service! Contact us to request our support!