Tool holding panels

Our company produces a wide range of tool holding wall panels. We currently support distributors, shops, and workshops all over the world, supplying a quality and long-lasting product.

In fact, when setting up a motorcycle workshop, vertical spaces like walls, should also be taken into account: the use of equipped wall panels and wall cabinets will increase the space available and will optimize the arrangement of work tools.

Do you need perforated tool holding panels or tool holding wall cabinets?

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The importance of a tool panel

A tool holding panel, on which the tools and related accessories, especially those used most frequently, can be efficiently arranged, will allow you to always have the tools needed for the intervention to be performed in sight and at hand: this allows to optimize the execution times and the effectiveness of the technical intervention to be done.

The ideal, to put all the main tools in order, is to have a perforated panel suitable for the purpose, to be fixed to the wall. On the surface of the panel, tools and utensils can be organized, based on specific types and functions, so that the work can be carried out effectively and profitably.

High standards of quality and safety

We are committed to ensuring that our wall tool panels are built with the best materials available on the market and uniformly painted with epoxy powders, in order to obtain a professional product that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our technical department is available to provide information and advice.

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